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Hi Friend!

Thanks, oh so much, for stopping by! 

We may have already met, we may have not.

Either way, here are some fun facts about me:

       I am a daughter of my one and only Savior - Jesus. 

    My husband is so handsome and hardworking!

      I have three kids - Eliza, Rowan, and Lucas. 

I am a Nurse Practitioner and work part time.

My specialty area is Neurology. I really love it. 

       Chocolate is my weakness. I'm seriously addicted. 

       I LOVE photographing people when they laugh. 

Photography is my go-to that provides me with a creative outlet. 

I really, really love what I get to do and the sweet

families + babies + couples I get to meet through photography!

My "photography style" is lifestyle photography. 

This means that I photograph my clients in a way that brings out 

the authenticity and character of you.

I want you to have fun and relax.



I want to photograph the little details.

Like your child's chubby hands while he plays in the dirt. 

Or the way the wind blows long, gorgeous hair. 

Its the imperfect pictures that make them so perfect. 

Soooo with that said, lets meet and take some photos --

Send me a message under the Contact Tab to schedule a session.

See you soon! 





© 2023 Lauren Garrett Photography

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